The Johnson's

The Johnson's

Saturday, September 10, 2011

In a Nutshell

Wow, it has been ages since I last put a post up on here. So I will have to do the quick and dirty version of the last nine months. So for starters, obviously, school ended and so did my middle school career, about time. In June we had Youth Conference, which was really fun, even though we didn't go to all of it. Because we had the same week a Forsyth Family Reunion here in Texas. Which was great because we only had to drive 15 minutes to get there! So we all went to a park, and then went to Schlitterbahn for a day. And then that night, Jasmin got engaged to, her now husband, Ryan Sloan. And while here, Maria announced to us that she and Steve are expecting their second child! That was a very exciting and busy week for all of us!

Nothing too much happened during the summer part of this year, besides what I just mentioned and me having Summer School. Then in August, Jazzy and Ryan got married in the San Antonio, Texas Temple on August 13, 2011. It was a beautiful day, and everything was great. Now the newlyweds live in Virginia so that Ryan can still go to school there at SVU. (Because Jazzy already beat him in graduating, so he's trying to catch up!) And when Nephi and Kirsten were here, they too announced that they were expecting their first child! So we have two new babies coming into our family, both in February 2012! We are all very excited.

Now, school has begun for all of us here at home. With Dad doing his Doctorate, Mom in her Nursing Program, Gideon in his Senior year, and me in my Freshman year. And every single one of us are going to different schools. Gid has already begun looking into colleges and plans to go into Engineering, since that is what he is doing at High School anyways. He's really quite good at it, and even got first in state for a thing (I don't know exactly what it is) that he designed and created. I believe that his top two schools that he is looking into are Texas A&M and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dad is doing his dissertation for his doctorate, and is working very hard in all that he does. Mom has continued on with her nursing program at SAC, and loves it. And I, go to NESA, (Northeast School of the Arts) for Musical Theater. I love it here, and this year, we're doing the musicals Les Miserables, Into the Woods, and The Tempest.

And that my friends, is our family in a nutshell.

An extremely, compact, nutshell.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Oh, the Holidays!

For the holidays this year, we decided to go out of town for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving we flew out to Virginia to see Jazzy and Aunt Tammy, Uncle Bill, and Reiden. For both Gideon and I it was our first time to ever fly. Personally, I thought it was pretty sweet, minus the fact that on our first flight out at 6:00 in the morning I was airsick and couldn't wait until we landed. Otherwise the trip was very fun and enjoyable. It was really fun being able to watch one of Jazzy's games in person. I had only seen one other one online, and might I say it is way better in person. Although at both games that we saw SVU lost, it was good to see Jazz play Basketball again. The last time I had seen her play was back when she was a senior in high school, four years back. and yes, she's still got it.:)
Seeing Aunt Tammy and Uncle Bill was really fun, because they are just the
coolest people around (and my favorite Aunt & Uncle, just throwing that out there).
Tammy is the best cook ever and on Thanksgiving I could hardly finish my first
helping, it was SO good. Reiden is just the biggest kid ever for his age. All that he
wanted to do the whole time was play ping-pong, which was fine, I needed to
brush up on my ping-pong skills anyway.

Christmas rolled around and we drove out to Arizona to visit Grandma and
Grandpa Johnsonwho live on a mountain in the middle of a desert. Now, to get to
this house of theirs, you must first prepare yourself for a bumpy ride, second
approach and cross cattle guards, thirdly travel on a perilous and never ending
journey of Cacti and dirt, and fourth arrive at the house unscathed but a little
shaken and dizzy. After arriving however you automatically feel happy and
ready for adventure, don't ask why you feel this way, because I don't know
either... I love going to their house, maybe it's just that I have so many good
memories there, maybe it's because I 'm always ready for the...not exactly
normal things. For example, I found a big black spider crawling out of Jazzy's
and mine's bed. I didn't tell Jazzy about it until we were safely out of Arizona
and in Texas.We went on a run one day and found just one random Christmas
ornament hanging on a nearby tree. That was probably the weirdest thing
that I had ever seen...ever.
It was a really big surprise to all of us when we pulled up and saw Elizabeth and
her kids waiting to greet us. Mom was so happy to see her since Elizabeth had
said that she wasn't going to come down but wonderful Maria kidnapped her
and the kids and left Eli for dead meat for the approaching wave of man eating
zombie werewolves hitting Salt Lake City! Just so you know, Eli did survive and
fought valiantly against the werewolves and was the one person who scared them
all off back into the deep & dark abyss from whence they came. We had a lot of
fun there with Maria, Steve, & Creedence, Elizabeth, Ariana, & Alex, and the
Seelos family. It was a fun break there and it was really cool to see everyone

Happy New Year to all and Happy Birthday to Jasmin! We had our traditional
scone break-fast with all of our favorite families and friends. There wasn't any
record breaking this year, and so the record still stands at 23 scones, by Connor
Hunsaker. The Holidays have been fun this year and I have enjoyed them all
very much. Happy New Year!;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Woodlawn Theater Pics

This is a picture of me (dancing & singing to the song Footloose) at my Theater Camp over the Summer.
I LOVED having big hair, and tons of make-up, it was AWESOME!
If you wanna see the rest of the pictures, you can click here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

If you watch this 100 times you'll still laugh!

Alright, this is absolutely hilarious, I discovered this with my friend when we were just looking up funny videos, and boy, the title sure fits it! Hope you Laugh!!:D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's all Good!!

Hey, hey, hey! Mamma is out of the hospital and doing fine!! So all is well! No worries!

For the past three weeks I have been in this Musical Theater Camp and we are finally putting on our show this weekend. Our theme is 'Back to the 80's' where we sing and dance to songs all from the 80's. Hopefully I'll be able to put something on here after the show so you can see some of it. So, it's all good! :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poor, Poor Mom

Well, poor mother dearest has been checked into the hospital for an infected intestine track (something like that...). She'll be there for a few days, so luckily it hit her over a weekend and she doesn't have to miss too much school. But still, everything that isn't normal by any degree, happens to mom. She's had her appendix removed, since you don't need it in order to survive, shingles, Meniere's Disease, (who's even heard of that?), and now this. What the HECK!!! I really do feel for mom. Dad came home today after visiting her at the Hospital and when he didn't look very happy, I honestly, feared the worst. Luckily he just told us what was wrong. She had a Catscan and that's how they discovered it, and there was blood in her urine, so that definitely does not sound too good. And all that they can really do for is it antibiotics. So keep her in your prayers your fingers crossed that all goes well for Mom and that she feels better.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Well! I would say that many things have happened recently. Let's see, we joined GOLD'S GYM, I won Wrangler Idol at school, school's finally OVER, Gideon got his first a job at Peter Piper Pizza, Dad lost his job and is searching for one, Mom is doing more school over the summer, Maria and Steve had their baby a while ago, Nephi and Kirsten moved to Austin (WAHOO!!), Sadie and Harley are going to come and enjoy our company down here in Texas for a year, and Mom and I recently just got back from Girls Camp which was WAY better this year than it was last year.

I will now go into detail of all of these things that have happened recently. Heh-hum!!

We joined GOLD'S GYM, to get fit and healthy over the summer since apparently they had a good deal for joining over the summer, therefore, we joined. It's been really nice actually. We all go and work out everyday in the morning. Dad swims, Gid lifts tons of weights and plays basketball, I run and do the machines, and Mom walks and does all the stuff that her trainer wants her to.

If you don't know what Wrangler Idol is, which I'm sure you all do by now, it's a show that my school puts on at the very end of each year, and only choir students can participate in it. It's called Wrangler Idol because we're the Wood Wranglers and we don't want to have people getting confused between American Idol and Wrangler Idol, even though it's basically the same thing...So, you try out with a song that you want to sing. If you do good you go to Round 2 and try out with the same song again. If you do good and make it into the top eleven, then you get to sing in the show. I made it in this year, as I did last year, and sang Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson. I won the show and got and enormous trophy from it. It was extremely fun.:)

SCHOOL'S OUT!! YIPEE! Thank goodness, now we swim all day long and get tan all day long! Gideon is now a Junior in High School, (weird right?) and I am an eighth grader in Middle School. Unfortunately for Mom & Dad, their school doesn't really end. Bummer...

Gideon has been working hard and has been applying everywhere trying to find a summer job. He finally landed one at Peter Piper Pizza and actually starts today! Mom wants him to get another job since he would only be working part time, so we'll see if he does or doesn't! He also is getting to be very close to getting his permit to start driving. I'm kind of nervous about this, especially since I'm the one in the backseat.

Yes, poor father has been laid off, sorta. I think he said that he was down to only four days a month, so he's basically laid off. He has been looking for jobs and has been applying like a mad man. He's had several interviews that would be wonderful if he got the job. They're right up his alley in teaching teachers how to teach, plus they pay well, and have good benefits. It's just that they're not always in town either. He's been interviewed in Houston and Austin, So we'll see what job he ends up getting too!

Mom is doing more school over the summer in order to get all of the classes that she needs for nursing school in. She has been doing studying and such to get high scores, and I think that so far she's been doing really well with it.

Yes we all already know that Maria & Steve had their baby, but I just had to put it in our blog because their family, so THEY HAD THEIR BABY! WOOHOO! His name is Creedence and if you want all the full details go to their blog. If they have all of details and pictures I'm not going to put them on here, so go visit them to get the big picture. All that I'll say is that he is absolutely adorable and chubby. So for now, my lips are sealed...

A while ago Nephi & Kirsten moved out of freezing Utah, and came to live down here in wonderfully HOT Texas!! YES!! It's been really fun having them down here, because we get to see them every fast Sunday and holidays and such. They moved down here because Nephi got a job with computer security or something like that, I don't know, it's too techy for me...Anyways, they're down here now and it's awesome!:)

Sadie and Harley and coming back down yet again because Utah is apparently too cold for any living person, so no one should live there, just a heads up...Actually no, that's not the real reason, Sadie doesn't want to be around Glenn anymore and wants a divorce, so they're moving back here with us! WOOHOO!! We'll be picking them up along with Jazzy on our trip to Utah. So It will be a full house, and a very fun summer!

Mom & I just got back from Girls Camp on Saturday, and it was lots of fun! The theme this year was Can You Imagine from Alma 5:16. It was cool because each level had a different make believe place. 1st years were Under the Sea, 2nd years were Pixie Hollow, 3rd years were Wizard of OZ, 4th years were Alice in Wonderland, and the YCL's or JC's if you prefer, were the Lion King. So there you have it! Girls Camp was lot's of fun, especially since we didn't have to sleep on the Dining Hall floor this year. (That happened last year, long story...) And, we were supposed to get completely rained out from really bad thunderstorms but we didn't and got the nice breeze instead! We all fasted on the previous Sunday for good weather and that we would be safe through it and we all were. The rain went all around us and it never hit us. So it was all good!:)

Well, I do believe that's all that's happened recently...Have a good one! Laterz.:)